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Best Smart Home Devices for Your Apartment in 2022

Smart homes are on-trend because of technology's practicability in automating functions and enhancing convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, security, safety, and privacy. However, many people living in rented apartments do not get to enjoy this luxury because of the technicalities that come with the installation process. Thanks to technological advances, renters can enjoy these privileges as well. Here…

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How to Budget for Your First Apartment

Studies show that 43% of young Millenials and older Gen Z-ers are more unhappy with their current housing than they were with their college housing. It can be difficult to find a new apartment that fits each of your needs.  As a first-time renter, you can avoid many of the mistakes that others have made when choosing…

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Best Plants to Grow in an Apartment

Have you considered growing plants in your apartment? You're not alone. During the pandemic, demand for houseplants went through the roof and some nurseries even experienced supply shortages. A little greenery can really liven up a space, but maintaining plants in an apartment comes with a host of challenges. Many apartments don't have access to a balcony…

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